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image: Exterior of the NCWCP, College Park, MD
image: Exterior of the NCWCP, College Park, MD
image: Exterior of the NCWCP, College Park, MD
image: green roof plantings at NCWCP
image: computer operations center at NCWCP

Photo credit: NOAA / NESDIS / STAR

STAR Is Moving!

15 June 2012 - The Center for Satellite Applications and Research is moving to a new facility in August 2012. STAR's new home, the long-awaited NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP) is located in College Park, MD on a 10-acre section of the University of Maryland's Research and Technology Park.

The NCWCP is a joint NOAA and General Services Administration (GSA) project to replace and consolidate several NOAA leased facilities -- most notably the aging World Weather Building and leased space in the Airmen's Memorial building, both in Camp Springs, MD. The new, state-of- the-art facility will enhance NWS efforts to secure delivery of critical weather forecasts, warning information and data to the public. The NCWCP building will house more than 800 NOAA employees, contractors and visiting scientists. The move will also consolidate several NOAA programs and support NOAA's weather / climate prediction programs. Other NOAA groups moving to the NCWCP include the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NWS) and the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research's Air Resources Laboratory.

The NCWCP has been designed to meet the LEED® Silver standard for environmental construction practices and incorporates sustainability features such as a storm water cistern to collect water to irrigate landscape plants and a four-story rainwater waterfall.

"Green" construction features of the NCWCP include:

  • Location next to existing woods and parkland in Prince George' County
  • Waterless urinals and dual-flush toilets;
  • 'Green roof' covering more than 50 percent of the roof surface. The green plant cover includes chive, sedum, and other native Maryland plants for better insulation and protection;
  • Building materials include recycled and local content;
  • Highly efficient window glass, daylight sensors for the lighting systems, occupancy sensors for lighting controls, and sunshades on the south side to optimize energy performance;
  • Constructed with indoor air quality enhancing materials (e.g., low-volatile organic compound [VOC] carpets, paints, and coatings);

Other building features include:

  • Campus-wide wi-fi;
  • 500 seat auditorium, featuring data and electrical connectivity to every seat;
  • Mechanical, electrical, and communications system uniquely designed to provide secure and uninterrupted mission critical operations in sensitive areas 24/7/365;
  • Cafeteria & fitness facilities;
  • Easy access to the College Park MARC and Metro train stations;
  • Covered parking garage;

More information:

  • New address after 14 August 2012:
    NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
    5830 University Research Court
    College Park, MD 20740
  • LEED