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Eric Beach & colleague
Sid Boukabara & Chandra Kondragunta
Keynote speaker David Grimes, WMO President and head of Environment Canada
Asst. Administrator Mary Kicza
Bob Kuligowski
Eileen Maturi & colleague
Jon Mittaz and Gordana Sindic-Rancic
Poster sessions, atrium
Poster sessions, atrium
Poster sessions, atrium
STAR Director Al Powell
Ralph Ferraro & Felix Kogan
Scott Rudlosky at the STAR booth
Scott Rudlosky at the poster session
Tim Schmit
Tom Schott
Steve Goodman of GOES-R
Kathy Strabala
Booths at the NSC Meeting

STAR Leads at the NOAA 2013 Satellite Conference

8 April 2013 - STAR and NESDIS welcome today the attendees of the 2013 NOAA Satellite Conference to the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction. This conference combines for the first time the Direct Readout, GOES/POES, and GOES-R/JPSS communities and missions, creating a conference uniquely focused on the work of North American satellite scientists.

The conference keynote speaker is David Grimes, president of the WMO, and special guest speakers included Acting NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan, Assistant Administrator Mary Kicza, and Assistant Administrator from NWS Louis Uccellini. The conference theme is "Strengthening Partnerships to Enhance User Readiness, Reception, and Utility". STAR scientists have been active at every level of planning, preparation, and organization of the conference, which is being held at NCWCP's new state-of-the-art auditorium and meeting facilities.

The conference runs April 8-12 at NCWCP and features presentations by a long list of STAR scientists including Fuzhong Weng on calibration/validation and data assimilation, Tim Schmit on the GOES-R ABI, Ingrid Guch on science advances and data fusion, Ralph Ferraro on precipitation, Al Powell on improving the use of satellite data at STAR, and others. The poster sessions, chaired by ASPB's Tim Schmit, feature 64 posters by STAR scientists.