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Cover of Applied Optics, 20 September 2013
Cover of Applied Optics, 20 September 2013
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Applied Optics:

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New VIIRS Ocean Color Algorithm
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20 September 2013 - Menghua Wang & Lide Jiang's new paper, "Identification of pixels with stray light and cloud shadow contaminations in the satellite ocean color data processing", is the cover article for the September 20th edition of Applied Optics. Wang and Jiang of STAR's Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division have developed a new algorithm for identifying stray light and cloud shadow pixels in VIIRS ocean color data processing. With the new algorithm, they have significantly improved VIIRS ocean color data quality and data coverage.

The cover image depicts Global 8-day chlorophyll-a composite images (March 6-13, 2013) derived from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), with improved data quality and data coverage using the new stray light and cloud shadow flag algorithm (lower panel), compared with results using the old flag (upper panel). Click the cover at right to see a larger version.