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2 STAR Scientists Honored with DOC Silver Medals

photo: Timothy J. Schmit and Marilyn Yuen-Murphy December 13, 2013 - On Monday, December 9, Acting Under Secretary Dr. Kathy Sullivan announced the winners selected by the Secretary of Commerce to receive Gold or Silver Medals. STAR's Tim Schmit and Marilyn Yuen Murphy were on teams honored with Silver Medals for Scientific/Engineering Achievement in 2013. STAR congratulates and commends our team members for their hard work and excellence.

Tim Schmit

The GOES-13 Restoration Team was honored with a silver medal for their critical work in restoring GOES-13 to its normal operations earlier this year after a major anomaly, as well as maintaining operational continuity.

The group is recognized for their efforts in support of returning GOES-13 to operations after a major on-orbit anomaly that affected the spacecraft and the image and sounder instruments. The group was able to formulate and successfully execute a plan to test the quality of the GOES-13 data. This plan included, but was not limited to a rebroadcast of the GOES-13 test data via GOES-14, while GOES-14 provided operational service to the nation. The GOES-13 test data was inspected for image quality and select quantitative products were generated. GOES-13 then returned to operational service.

Members of that team include:

  • Yo Kung
  • John Tsui
  • Ronald E. Mahmot
  • Timothy J. Schmit
  • Antonio R. Irving
  • Antonio A. Abadia
  • Thomas M. Renkevens

Marilyn Yuen Murphy

The NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction Project Team was honored with a silver medal for their exceptional achievements in creating the state-of-the- art NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction facility, which enhances NOAA's ability to manage Earth observations used to develop environmental models and support weather forecasts. Representing NESDIS on that team was Marilyn Yuen Murphy, and she was joined in the honor with her colleagues from OAR, OCAO and NWS.

Awardees from the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

  • Eric E. Livingston (OCAO)
  • Mary Ann D. Whitmeyer (OCAO)
  • Adena G. Fritz (NWS)
  • Marilyn Yuen Murphy (NESDIS)
  • Winston T. Luke (OAR)
  • Cameron L. Shelton (NWS)
  • Scott Prosise (NWS)