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STAR Shines at AMS 2022

ABI Blended 'High Wind Event' Imagery Composite

ABI Blended 'High Wind Event' Imagery Composite

18 February 2022 - STAR sends a full complement of presenters to the AMS Conference every year, and STAR’s tradition of participation continued at the 2022 conference. AMS 2022: “Environmental Security: weather, water and climate for a more secure world” ran from 23-27 January as a 100% virtual conference due to concerns about Omicron. AMS 2022 featured an eye-popping 638 sessions, 2,454 talks, and 976 posters.

The STAR Science Seminar Series has published a set of one-page summaries from STAR and CIMSS AMS contributors including 43 talks and 8 posters. There were nearly 100 STAR contributors to these talks and posters, which is 30% of STAR’s entire staff roster! Topics included restoring satellite instruments to full use after anomalies, product improvements in precipitation, rainfall, snow measurement, sea ice, and winds; AI applications in data assimilation; detection of blowing dust from imagery; new user training activities; even the creation of a GOES image displaying the plumes of gas & heat from rockets. The breadth of STAR AMS contributions is impressive, and we thank all the contributors!


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