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Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division (SMCD)

Satellite Calibration and Data Assimilation Branch (SCDAB)

The Satellite Calibration and Data Assimilation Branch exists to ensure that NOAA's satellite observations are as accurate and as stable as they can be. The Branch oversees the calibration of all instruments on NOAA's Earth-observing satellites, both before and after their launch. Its teams develop many of the observational products for users, and write algorithms for obtaining vertical profiles of temperature, humidity, cloud water, rainfall rate, and concentrations of trace gases (such as ozone) from the ground up through the atmosphere.

NOAA-18 image, MIRS Vertical Cross Section Monitoring, May 18, 2011The Branch checks the accuracy of these products against observations from the ground or from balloons. This is important, as the products are used in applications for weather forecasting and climate predictions. The Branch develops computer models of the transfer of radiation through the atmosphere, which are needed in order to feed satellite data into other sophisticated models of weather and climate prediction.

Finally, this Branch participates in the design and preparation of the next generation of environmental satellites and their instruments.

Branch Projects: