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Other GOES Resources

We share these GOES resources as a courtesy to users. Some are managed by NOAA and are identified as such. Others are managed by NASA, Cooperative Institutes, and affiliated university research programs. Still others are completely separate from NOAA or STAR. All are offered without warranty or any guarantee of uptime, in order to share valuable GOES-related content and research tools with the widest community of interested users.

U.S. image resources

NOAA / NASA / U.S. Government Sites
CONUS and Full Disk images
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
Colorado State University
Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch / Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
RAMMB Slider
SLIDR is a customizable viewer for satellite imagery including GOES East and GOES 17 along with other satellites and data products
GOES-16 imagery (CIRA)
Mesoscale sectors plus Colorado and Central Plains
CIRA Loop of the Day
University of Wisconsin
SSEC Geo Browser
Viewer includes GOES East and GOES-17, all bands, along with other satellites; both static and animation downloads available
Real Earth Viewer
GOES East and GOES-17 full disk, CONUS, and mesoscale sectors, exports animations as gif or mp4 files
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Images
GOES-16 CONUS and selected sectors for Wisconsin and the midwest
Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) GeoSphere
GOES-16 imagery projected onto a map viewer platform, hosted at the University of Wisconsin - SSEC
College of DuPage
NEXLAB Experimental Satellite Viewer
GOES-16 - Global, CONUS, Mesoscale, and other regional sectors, all channels, downloadable animation files
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach Meteorology
GOES-16 Viewer - basic selection of sectors and bands

Outside the U.S. image resources

GOES-16 Images & Products for Chile
16 bands, RGB images over Chile and 1-page band fact sheets. (Spanish and English)
Brazil's Center for Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies
(Portuguese and English)
CPTEC main site
GOES East Image Viewer & Animations
all ABI bands in animation over South America
Environment Canada
Selected sectors and channels over Canada (English and French)
Servicio Meteorológico Nacional of Mexico
Images and animations for selected channels (English and Spanish)
National Laboratory of Earth Observation - Mexico
Views of Mexico, various sectors, animations (English and Spanish)
NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center (SpoRT)
GLM realtime data (NASA SPORT)
University of Wisconsin SSEC
Real Earth - GLM and ABI realtime data for groups
University of Maryland - CICS
Geostationary Lightning Mapper - Virtual lab
University of Maryland GLM Imagery
Weathernerds (privately operated site)
Visual and GLM display - user can save animated gifs and single images
STAR GOES Calibration
University of Wisconsin CIMSS
Simultaneously review all 16 channels in Full Disk and CONUS
GOES Spectral Response Functions  Plots and files for GOES-16 and other GOES
GOES-16 ABI Weighting Functions - both static and real-time
GOES-16 & GOES-17 comparison statistics - all 16 ABI bands

University of Wisconsin SSEC

Free, open source software for 3D geophysical data analysis and visualization
Satellite Information Familiarization Tool (SIFT)
More info
HYperspectral-viewer for Development of Research Applications (HYDRA)
Project information (ftp)
Download software (ftp)
CIMSS / SSEC - Community Satellite Processing Package for Geostationary Data
Information and download - for use with local GRB ingest

Other contributors

University of Utah
Python notebook displaying ABI data
Github download
GEONETCast Americas - GNC-a
GOES-16 Manipulation Tools
Environmental Data Commons - Open Commons Consortium
Manipulating GOES-16 with GDAL
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Ncview: a netCDF visual browser
Details and download
UCAR - Unidata - Data Services and Tools for Data Science
Integrated Data Viewer (IDV)
University of Wisconsin SSEC GOES App
SSEC Real Earth Apps
Real Earth apps - both iOS and Android
WxSat Android
Optimized for global viewing of the three basic weather satellite channels
MapSat (CPTEC/INPE) - Brazil
Google Play download
University of Wisconsin CIMSS Resources
GOES-R Education Proving Ground
GOES-R Series Countdown Calendar for Educators
GOES-16 First Light RGB interactives
SUVI First Light RGB
GOES-R/16 Fact Sheets with both pre-launch and post-launch information
GOES East and Roof Top Cameras - SSEC in Madison, WI
CIMSS Satellite Blog - interesting images, explanations of underlying science, meteorology
CIMSS GOES-R Fog Products Blog
RAMMB / CIRA at Colorado State University - Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training (VISIT)
More GOES-R/16 Fact Sheets
GOES-R VISIT Foundational Course
University of Wisconsin - CIMSS SSEC
Soundings Validation Tool
TPW, stability parameters, etc. - (provisional)
NOAA/CIMSS Volcanic Cloud Monitoring Web Portal (research)
A statistical model that predicts the probability that a storm will produce severe weather in the near-term (research site)
University of Utah
Fires Viewer
Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
Aerosol Watch
Colorado State University - RAMMB
Real-Time Tropical Cyclone Products - Currently Active Tropical Cyclones
GOES-16 Imagery and Loops