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Highlights of Current Monitoring Output

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Website purpose

This site disseminates information about the radiometric, geometric, and spectral calibration of Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) on GOES-EAST/WEST in terms of instrument telemetry and radiance product validation over the life of instruments. Information at this site is selected for and organized to assist:

  • NOAA team supporting GOES calibration;
  • U.S. agencies, universities, and international partners interested in GOES instrument calibration;
  • Developers of high level products using L1b data;
  • Operators of the Flight and Ground segments of GOES;
  • Vendors of GOES instruments;
  • Managers of GOES program; and
  • Anyone interested in satellite instrument calibration.

Coverage of other instruments on GOES and earlier GOES can be considered if needed.

Acknowledgment and Disclaimer:

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