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STAR GOES Calibration

Highlights of Current Monitoring Output

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Website purpose

Present information about GOES instruments calibration for viewers to

  • Understand current status; and / or
  • Plan for deep dive analysis.

This requires presenting the information in a manner that is:

  • Comprehensive;
  • Historical; and
  • Heuristic


Monitor various aspects of the instrument:

  • Product quality;
  • Calibration measurements; and
  • Instrument status

In various time scales for relevant perspectives:

  • Near real time status;
  • Recent history; and
  • Trend since launch.

Also provided for reference, when appropriate, are requirements, verification at delivery, pre-launch estimate, post-launch validation at the beginning of life (BOL), and current performance.

Intended Users

Information disseminated at this site is selected and organized for:

  • STAR scientists responsible for GOES instrument calibration;
  • Scientists from U. S. agencies, universities, and international partners (such as members of Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System or GSICS) who are interested in GOES instrument calibration;
  • Users, especially developers of high level products using L1b data;
  • Producers, especially engineers who operate the Flight and Ground segments of GOES;
  • Vendors of GOES instruments;
  • Managers of GOES program; and
  • Anyone interested in satellite instrument calibration.


Every operational GOES is covered, and expansion to the GOES that have not been or are no longer in operation is possible. However, current focus is on GOES-16.

For each GOES, focus is on the imaging instrument, and expansion to other instruments is underway or planned.

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