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GOES-18 ABI - Solar Calibration- VNIR Bands

1 Oct 2023 - 09:41 ET  /  13:41 UTC

GOES-18 ABI Solar Calibration of CWG/GS/Pre-launch - Gain Comparison - Ratio
Metric Finder
Gain Comparison - Ratio
Gain Tables - CWG vs. GS Ratios
Gain Tables - Individual Gain Listings
SNR Table - SCT SNR Table
Detector SNR - Band01
Detector SNR - Band02
Detector SNR - Band03
Detector SNR - Band04
Detector SNR - Band05
Detector SNR - Band06
Count - SCT count
Count - spacelook count
Count - delta count
Count Tables - Count AVG
Count Tables - Count STDV
Time and Angles - solar cal time
Time and Angles - solar cal local time
Time and Angles - Elevation Angle
Time and Angles - Incidence Angle
Time and Angles - Beta Angle
Time and Angles - Correlation of Angles
Time and Angles - Correlation of Delta Angles
Time and Angles Table - Obs. vs Simulation