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18 Aug 2022 - 00:41 EDT
18 Aug 2022 - 04:41 UTC

GOES-18 Mesoscale view - Band 9 at 44°N - 106°W - Campbell County, WY

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Band 9 - 6.9 µm - Mid-Level Water Vapor - IR - 08 Jul 2022 - 0125 UTC
Band 9 - 6.9 µm - Mid-Level Water Vapor - IR  - 08 Jul 2022 - 0125 UTC
legend for color-enhanced infrared channels 8-10

About Band 9

6.9 µm - "Mid-level Water Vapor" Band - 2 km resolution - Band 9 is the mid-level water vapor band. It is used for tracking middle-tropospheric winds, identifying jet streams, forecasting hurricane track and mid-latitude storm motion, monitoring severe weather potential, estimating mid-level moisture (for legacy vertical moisture profiles)and identifying regions where turbulence might exist. Surface features are usually not apparent in this band. Brightness Temperatures show cooling because of absorption of energy at 6.9 µm by water vapor.

The imager on GOES-16 features three mid-level water vapor bands instead of the single water vapor band on the GOES-13 Imager. The single water vapor band on GOES-13 contained a mixture of water vapor features over many levels of the troposphere, but GOES-16 enables us to focus on water vapor in the upper troposphere (band 8), the middle troposphere (band 9), or the lower troposphere (band 10). The GOES-13 Imager water vapor channel falls between ABI bands 8 and 9.

• For more details, see the Band 9 - ABI Quick Information Guide, (PDF, 550 KB)