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Day One - Tuesday
Time Presentations / Topics Speaker Affiliation
0915 - 0930 OSO Introduction, (PDF, 1.53 MB) Francois Montagner EUMETSAT
0930 - 0945 A Perspective on Current Status, (PDF, 1.72 MB) Ralph Rayner NOAA IOOS and London School of Economics
0945 - 1010 Present status and evolution perspectives from CMEMS: a state-of-the-art-contribution to operational oceanography, (PDF, 5.33 MB) Antonio Repucci Mercator Ocean International
1030 - 1345 Theme 1: Redefining the Operational Paradigm
1030 - 1100 Redefining the Operational Paradigm, (PDF, 8.56 MB) Veronica Lance NOAA/NESDIS/STAR/SOCD and NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch/PolarWatch Program
1100 - 1115 Operational EUMETSAT Satellite Products and Servies for Oceanography: Status and Outlook, (PDF, 3.93 MB) Estelle Obligis EUMETSAT
1115 - 1130 Ocean and Coastal Remote Sensing in the NOAA Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR): Product Development and Transitions between Research and Operations, (PDF, 10.73 MB) Paul DiGiacomo NOAA/NESDIS/STAR
1300 - 1315 Application of Satellite Oceanography to Weather, Water, and Climate Services, (PDF, 3.89 MB) Thomas Cuff NOAA/NWS
1315 - 1330 Operational exploitation of sea-surface temperature data retrieved from satellites, (PDF, 2.11 MB) Anne O'Carroll EUMETSAT
1330 - 1345 Issues around sustaining operational SST analyses in a rapidly changing satellite constellation, (PDF, 2.47 MB) Helen Beggs Bureau of Meterology, Melbourne, Australia

7-17-2019 5:43 pm

Day Two - Wednesday
Time Presentations / Topics Speaker Affiliation
0900 - 1115 Theme 2: Linking Providers and Users
0900 - 0930 Connecting Data Providers and Users - Examples from the West Coast Node of CoastWatch, (PDF, 3.73 MB) Cara Wilson NOAA CoastWatch
0930 - 0945 Long Time Series of Satellite homogeneous Wind and Ocean Heat Flux Analyses, (PDF, 3.74 MB) Abderrahim Bentamy Ifremer
0945 - 1000 Ocean Literacy Campaign in Bangladesh, (PDF, 8.89 MB) Mohammad Uddin University of Chittagong
1000 - 1015 Use if Operational Ocean Satellite Data in Operational Ocean Forecast Systems: Opportunities and Challenges, (PDF, 1.75 MB) Avichal Mehra NOAA/NWS/EMC
1030 - 1045 The Role of Satellite Observations in Understanding the Dynamics of the Mediterranean and Black Seas in the Framework of CMEMS, (PDF, 2.94 MB) Rita Lecci CMCC Foundation
1045 - 1100 Use of SSH and SST data in operational 4DVAR Ocean Data Assimilation Systems in JMA, (PDF, 3.7 MB) Yosuke Fujii JMA, MRI
1100 - 1115 Satellite Oceanographic Data Assimilation in the US West Coast Operational Forecast System (WCOFS), (PDF, 3.33 MB) Jiangtao Xu NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS
1330 - 1500 Theme 3: Helping Users Shop in the Data Supermarket
1330 - 1345 Coral Reef Stakeholders' Use of NOAA Coral Reef Watch Ecoforecasts During the 2014-2017 Global Coral Bleaching Event, (PDF, 6.42 MB) Mark Eakin NOAA Coral Reef Watch
1345 - 1400 Utilization of Satellite-Derived Salinity as a Predictor for Indian Monsoon Forecasting, (PDF, 4.29 MB) Subrahmanyam Bulusu USC, ONR
1400 - 1415 Satellite Data Access in the Copernicus Era, (PDF, 1.91 MB) Hayley Evers-King EUMETSAT
1415 - 1430 OceanWatch Central Pacific:Satellite Oceanography Products and Applications, (PDF, 2.57 MB) Melanie Abecassis University of Hawaii
1430 - 1445 Progress Toward Data Discovery, Machine Readability, and Interoperability at NOAA: NOAA OneStop and the NESDIS Cloud, (PDF, 1.98 MB) Kenneth Casey NOAA NCEI
1445 - 1500 The International MOSAiC Expedition: Decision making and planning by means of operational satellite and model products, (PDF, 3.98 MB) Thomas Krumpen Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

8-07-2019 12:55 pm

Day Three - Thursday
Time Presentations / Topics Speaker Affiliation
0845 - 0930 Theme 4: Commercial Provider Forum
0845 - 0930 Collecte Localisation Satellites, (PDF, 4.31 MB) C. Dufau CLS
0845 - 0930 Applications of Satellite Oceanographic Data in Fishery Industry, (PDF, 2.32 MB) Jianke Li Maxar
0845 - 0930 Specific Product Development for a Target "User Group": Ocean Forecast Fields for Oregon Fishermen, (PDF, 4.58 MB) Ted Strub Ian Black College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
1030 - 1145 Theme 5: Governmet to High Level Users and End-to-End Integration
1030 - 1045 Marine and Coastal Areas Management in Western Africa: A Case of EO data Application, (PDF, 3.12 MB) Bennet Foli University of Ghana
1045 - 1100 Utilizing Hetergeneous Satellite Products to Understand and Improve Predictability of the Indian Summer Monsoon, its Intra-Seasonal Variability, and its Relation to Large Scale Convective Regimes over the Indian Ocean, (PDF, 1.5 MB) Gad Levy North West Research Associates, PORSEC
1100 - 1115 Blue Planet Oceans and Society: a GEO Initiative, (PDF, 5.31 MB) Emily Smail University of Maryland, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR
1115 - 1130 Assessment of marine and coastal eutrophication using remotely sensed chlorophyll-a concentration, (PDF, 5.99 MB) Genki Terauchi Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center/NOWPAP CEARAC
1130 - 1145 Operational ecosystem and fish population modelling, (PDF, 3.64 MB) Patrick Lehodey Collecte Localisation Satellites
1500 - 1545 7: Plenary Path Forward
1500 - 1545 Assessing the Value of Oceanographic Observations, (PDF, 2.12 MB) Chris Lauer NOAA
1500 - 1545 The Path Forward, (PDF, 1.7 MB) Craig McLean NOAA
1500 - 1545 Accelerating Toward NOAA's Next-Generation Earth Observation Architecture, (PDF, 1.74 MB) Karen St. Germain NOAA

7-17-2019 12:35 pm

List of Posters and Presenters
Title First author / presenter Affiliation
Cross-Sensor Analysis of Physical and Biological Implications of Eddy Signatures in the Benguela and California Current Regions, (JPG, 2.11 MB) Baker-Yeboah, Sheekela NOAA / NESDIS / STAR / SOCD
OceanWatch -- a multi-pronged approach to disseminating ocean remote sensing data Abecassis, Melanie University of Hawaii
Thought on operational oceanography in West African countries Affian, Kouadio CURAT
SST improvements in the NASA GMAO Weather Analysis and Prediction System Akella, Santha NASA
Issues around Providing Operational SST Analyses for Climate Applications in a Rapidly Changing Satellite Constellation Beggs, Helen Bureau of Meterology, Melbourne, Australia
Long Time Series of Homogeneous Satellite Wind Analyses over Global Oceans Bentamy, Abderrahim Ifremer
Global Ocean Surface Circulation Monitored through Synergy between Multi-Satellite Measurements, (JPG, 2.12 MB) Bonjean, Fabrice Collecte Localisation Satellites
The Role of the Loop Current System in Determining Patterns of Sea surface Salinity in the Gulf of Mexico and the Impact of Hurricanes, (JPG, 4.47 MB) Brokaw, Richard J. University of South Carolina
Utilization of Satellite-derived Salinity as a Predictor for the Indian Monsoon Forecasting Bulusu, Subrahmanyam USC, ONR
NAVOCEANO Ocean Remote Sensing Products, (JPG, 1.64 MB) Carpenter, Danielle NAVO
CoastWatch: A Potential Great Lakes Environment Operational Monitoring Service Using Satellite Altimetry, (JPG, 3.63 MB) Chu, Philip GLERL
A Synergetic Approach for the Space-Based Retrieval of the Sea-Surface Currents in the Mediterranean Sea Ciani, Daniele CNR-ISMAR
Monitoring of multi-sensor and multiple ocean parameters: SST, Salinity, Height, Wind, and Color, (JPG, 3.2 MB) Dash, Prasanjit NOAA / NESDIS / STAR / SOCD
Satellite Solutions for Tracking Marine Litter in the Ocean, (JPG, 3.65 MB) Dufau, C. Collecte Localisation Satellites
Fortnightly Oceanic Tidal Mixing in the Lombok Strait and Its Impacts on Lower Level Atmosphere, (JPG, 4.33 MB) Dwi Susanto, R. University of Maryland
Coral Reef Stakeholders' Use of NOAA Coral Reef Watch Ecoforecasts During the 2014-2017 Global Coral Bleaching Event Eakin, Mark NOAA Coral Reef Watch
DUACS Sea Level Products for Ocean Mesoscale and Climate Monitoring, (JPG, 2.79 MB) Faugere, Y. CMEMS Sea Level TAC
Exploring ocean eddy characteristics through the DynEd atlas, (JPG, 1.95 MB) Faugere, Y. Collecte Localisation Satellites
Marine and Coastal Areas Management in Western Africa: A Case of EO Data Application Foli, Bennet University of Ghana
Use of satellite Sea Level Anomaly (SLA) and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data in operational 4DVAR Ocean Data Assimilation Systems in JMA Fujii, Yosuke JMA, MRI
Visualizations support collaboration and decision making by groups of experts and non-experts alike. They also help to make sense of extremely complex data sets containing thousands of data points,which is often the case inmulti-tiered supply chains Gurmu, Sinegiorgis NOAA/NESDIS
Sea surface roughness effects on aerosol optical depth and water reflectance retrievals from AERONET-OC and ocean color satellite sensors, (JPG, 1.94 MB) Herrera, Eder NOAA / CREST
Applications of Ocean Color and SST Data in Fisheries Science and Management, (JPG, 2.23 MB) Hyde, Kimberly NOAA Northeast Fisheries
The Role of Satellite Imagery in Forecasting Harmful Algal Blooms, (JPG, 3.91 MB) Keeney, Analise NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS
Cyclone Kelem, Dereje
Overview of NASA's PACE mission and pre-launch Applications efforts, (JPG, 2.77 MB) Kim, Grace NASA/USRA
From satellite ocean data to information and applications: NOAA CoastWatch /OceanWatch /PolarWatch, (JPG, 2.23 MB) Lance, Veronica NOAA CoastWatch/OceanWatch/PolarWatch
The role of satellite oceanographic observations in understanding the dynamics of the Mediterranean and Black Seas in the framework of CMEMS Lecci, Rita Mercator Ocean International
The Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference Association (PORSEC) Tutorials for Capacity Building, (JPG, 3.05 MB) Levy, Gad Northwest Research Associates
NOAA Coral Reef Watch's Operational Satellite Marine Ecosystem Environment Monitoring for Tropical Coral Bleaching Management, (JPG, 4.28 MB) Liu, Gang NOAA/NESDIS, NOAA Coral Reef Watch
Matching Remote Sensing Standards in In-situ data : The Trusted Project Example, (JPG, 2.54 MB) Lucas, Marc Collecte Localisation Satellites
Novel Along-track Dynamic Ocean Topography from Cryosat-2 Radar Altimetry used to derive Southern Ocean Surface Circulation and Antarctic Circumpolar Current Frontal Dynamics Mackie, Erik Cambridge Fluids Network
A New High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Blended Analysis, (JPG, 1.84 MB) Maturi, Eileen NOAA
Neural Network Reflectance Prediction Model (NNRPM) for both open ocean and coastal waters Mukherjee, Lipi University of Maryland
Future perspectives of using in-situ and satellite data to monitor TC existence and track forecast Muleta, Zerihun Bikila
Spatio-temporal dynamics of phytoplankton functional groups in the South China Sea and their relative contributions to marine primary production Ndah, Anthony Banyouko Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Estimation of Freshwater Fluxes in the Arctic Ocean and Subarctic Seas using Satellite-derived Salinity, (JPG, 2.39 MB) Nichols, Rachel E. University of South Carolina
Impact of High-Resolution Sea Surface Salinity Observations on Ocean Analysis/Forecast Skill, (JPG, 2.2 MB) Nyadjro, Ebenezer University of New Orleans
Satellite oceanography-driven research in West Africa -- a case study of capacity building in an underserved region, (JPG, 2.85 MB) Nyadjro, Ebenezer University of New Orleans
Operational exploitation of sea-surface temperature data retrieved from satellites O'Carroll , Anne EUMETSAT
Data Discovery, Distribution, and Access to Data by Leveraging the Data Aggregation and Distribution Capabilities of the ERDDAP Data Server, (JPG, 1.93 MB) Robinson, Dale NOAA
Tracking of Mesoscale Eddies with Satellite Altimetric Data and Associated Deep Convection for Operational Use in the Bay of Bengal, (JPG, 2.45 MB) Roman-Stork, Heather L. University of South Carolina
Feedback loops in product development for Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-6 altimeter missions, (JPG, 2.58 MB) Scharroo, Remko EUMETSAT
Collaborative Design of Mid-Stream Satellite and Forecast Information Systems, (JPG, 1.88 MB) Strub, Ted Oregon State University
Spring-neap Tidal Mixing Signatures from High Resolution Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Temperature Data, (JPG, 4.33 MB) Susanto, Raden Dwi University of Maryland
Operational Sargassum Algae Monitoring Service in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, (JPG, 4.43 MB) Sutton, Marion CLS
Satellite Based Products and Services at National Meteorology Agency (NMA) Tesfatsion, Yitaktu NMA
The impact of climate change on vegetation in Ethiopia over some selected areas Tesfatsion, Yitaktu NMA
The operational use of the Satellite-based Information System on Coastal Areas and Lakes (SISCAL) to study and monitor the Israeli water bodies, (JPG, 2.53 MB) Tibor, Gideon IOLR
Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms Through the Combination of (Sentinel-3) Operationa Ocean Color Data with Ecological Associations, (JPG, 3.14 MB) Tomlinson, Michelle NOAA NCCOS
ASCAT - from data to applications, (JPG, 2.02 MB) Linow, S. EUMETSAT
NOAA Oceanographic Satellite Products Stewardship and Data Quality Monitoring at National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), (JPG, 2.97 MB) Zhang, Yongsheng NOAA NCEI


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