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STAR / SMCD / EMB Aerosol Remote Sensing

GOES-R Research - Validation with MODIS Aerosol Data

The ABI aerosol algorithm is being routinely run globally with MODIS reflectances as input proxy data for ABI. The resulting aerosol retrievals are also routinely compared to the standard MODIS Collection 5 aerosol products. Global maps of the two (ABI and MODIS) aerosol optical depth (AOD) products, fine mode weight and their differences are generated. In addition, bias and root mean square differences are calculated, and scatter diagrams of ABI vs. MODIS AOD, and bias as functions of solar and view zenith angles, and scattering angle are plotted. Examples of comparisons are shown below.

The images and scatter diagrams are available here. (Please note that access to this validation site requires an user id and password.)

Examples of evaluation with MODIS aerosol product

GOES-R ABI AOD for 07/01/2009 Derived from MODIS/Terra Reflectances
ABI AOD for 07/01/2009 from MODIS/Terra
ABI-MODIS/Terra AOD Difference for 07/01/2009
ABI-MODIS AOD difference for 07/01/2009 from MODIS/Terra