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STAR Satellite Rainfall Estimates - Hydro-Estimator - Contiguous United States

Automatic Satellite-Derived
Precipitation Estimates

Rain Rates in the Contiguous United States,
Supplied as GIF images
Current Images Enlargements
Instantaneous Rain Rates 2000 x 1300 image
1-hour total 2000 x 1300 image
3-hour total 2000 x 1300 image
6-hour total 2000 x 1300 image
24-hour total N/A
2-day total N/A
3-day total N/A
4-day total N/A
5-day total N/A
6-day total N/A
7-day total N/A

The original Auto-Estimator algorithm was developed for deep, moist convective systems. Over time, enhancements and improvements to the program led to a completely new product, called the Hydro-estimator, which is currently in operational use by the National Weather Service for monitoring potential flash flood events. Precipitation rates are primarily based on the cloud top temperature obtained from GOES 12 and GOES 10 (10.7 micron). Instantaneous, 1 hour, 3 hour, 6 hour, and 24 hour precipitation estimates are available. Numerous other factors, including the cloud-top geometry, the available atmospheric moisture, stability parameters, radar, and local topography, are used to further adjust the rain rate. For more details see the technique description.