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STAR Satellite Rainfall Estimates

Hydro-Estimator - World Regions
Automatic Satellite-Derived Precipitation Estimates

This page provides 24-hour rainfall rate estimates for areas covered by the Meteosat-10, Meteosat-7, and MTSAT-2 satellites. Rain rates were estimated from cloud-top temperatures and PHP model data using algorithms which, to date, have only been calibrated over the continental United States. The first eight characters of each file name shows the year, month, day, and time for the observation; estimated rainfall is for the 24 hours prior to that time. No archive for this data currently exists, and we do not have data prior to what is on this page.

World Regions - 24-Hour Precipitation Estimates
(each page contains approximately 2 months of images)
Region Data Products
Europe, North Atlantic, North Africa Current images
Africa And South Atlantic Current images
Central And Western Asia Current images
Indian Ocean Basin, East Africa, Southeast Asia Current images
NW Pacific Ocean, Japan, Eastern China, The Philippines Current images
Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand Current images