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The site provides estimates of sea level rise based on measurements from satellite radar altimeters. Plots and time series are available for TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P), Jason-1, OSTM/Jason-2, Jason-3, and Sentinel-6, which have monitored the same ground track since 1992, and for most of the altimeters that have operated since 1991, including ERS-2, GFO, Envisat, and Sentinel-3A/B. Specific products include:

Global and regional sea level time series

Data files and plot of global and regional mean sea level time series for the major ocean basins and marginal seas.

Sea level rise maps

Data files and maps of the local rate of sea level change from 1992 to the present.

Data Use Policy

January 1, 2008

LSA data are distributed at no cost to the users to promote scientific utilization of the data with the stipulation that the users of the data agree to follow the policy described below:

  1. LSA data are produced on a best effort basis.
  2. In publications, presentations, or on web pages based on LSA data the following acknowledgment should be included.
    "Altimetry data are provided by the NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry."