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2024 Publications YTD

2024 Q1: 11 Publications

Bruneau, N., Loridan, T., Hannah, N., Dubossarsky, E., Joffrain, M., & Knaff, J. (2024). Modeling Variability in Tropical Cyclone Maximum Wind Location and Intensity Using Incyc: A Global Database of High-Resolution Tropical Cyclone Simulations. Monthly Weather Review, 152(1), 319-343. [10.1175/MWR-D-22-0317.1]

Cao, Z. G., Wang, M. H., Ma, R. H., Zhang, Y. L., Duan, H. T., Jiang, L. D., Xue, K., Xiong, J. F., & Hu, M. Q. (2024). A Decade-Long Chlorophyll-a Data Record in Lakes across China from VIIRS Observations. Remote Sensing of Environment, 301. [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113953]

Chen, Y., & Cao, C. (2024). Estimation of AMSU-A and MHS Antenna Emission from MetOp-A End-of-Life Deep Space View Test. Remote Sensing, 16(2), 299. [10.3390/rs16020299]

Cheung, A. A., Slocum, C. J., Knaff, J. A., & Razin, M. N. (2024). Documenting the Progressions of Secondary Eyewall Formations. Weather and Forecasting, 39(1), 19-40. [10.1175/waf-d-23-0047.1]

He, J., Harkins, C., O’Dell, K., Li, M., Francoeur, C., Aikin, K. C., Anenberg, S., Baker, B., Brown, S. S., Coggon, M. M., Frost, G. J., Gilman, J. B., Kondragunta, S., Lamplugh, A., Lyu, C., Moon, Z., Pierce, B. R., Schwantes, R. H., Stockwell, C. E., Warneke, C., Yang, K., Nowlan, C. R., González Abad, G., & McDonald, B. C. (2024). Covid-19 Perturbation on US Air Quality and Human Health Impact Assessment. PNAS Nexus, 3(1). [10.1093/pnasnexus/pgad483]

Jenkins, T. L., Strugnell, J. M., & Spady, B. L. (2024). The Habitat Preferences of Idiosepius Pygmaeus and Their Use of Conspecific Cues. Marine Ecology-an Evolutionary Perspective. [10.1111/maec.12786]

Knaff, J. A., & Slocum, C. J. (2024). An Automated Method to Analyze Tropical Cyclone Surface Winds from Real-Time Aircraft Reconnaissance Observations. Weather and Forecasting, 39(2), 333-349. [10.1175/WAF-D-23-0077.1]

Liang, Z. C., Lee, Y. K., Grassotti, C., Lin, L., & Liu, Q. H. (2024). Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity from Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder Using a U-Net Algorithm. Remote Sensing, 16(1). [10.3390/rs16010077]

Limbacher, J. A., Kahn, R. A., Friberg, M. D., Lee, J., Summers, T., & Zhang, H. (2024). Magara: A Multi-Angle Geostationary Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 17(2), 471-498. [10.5194/amt-17-471-2024]

O'Dell, K., Kondragunta, S., Zhang, H., Goldberg, D. L., Kerr, G. H., Wei, Z., Henderson, B. H., & Anenberg, S. C. (2024). Public Health Benefits from Improved Identification of Severe Air Pollution Events with Geostationary Satellite Data. GeoHealth, 8(1), e2023GH000890. [10.1029/2023GH000890]

Yang, J. X., You, Y., Blackwell, W., Da, C., Kalnay, E., Grassotti, C., Liu, Q., Ferraro, R., Meng, H., Zou, C.-Z., Ho, S.-P., Yin, J., Petkovic, V., Hewison, T., Posselt, D., Gambacorta, A., Draper, D., Misra, S., Kroodsma, R., & Chen, M. (2024). SatERR: A Community Error Inventory for Satellite Microwave Observation Error Representation and Uncertainty Quantification. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 105(1), E1-E20. [10.1175/bams-d-22-0207.1]

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