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Acronym List - GOES-R Algorithm Working Group

This list contains the acronyms most frequently used by the Alogorthim Working Group.
The GOES-R Project Acronym List provides the official list of all GOES-R acronyms.

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Numeric3-Dthree dimensional
AA&GDAcronym and Glossary Document
AATSRAdvanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
ABIAdvanced Baseline Imager
ACEAerosol and Cloud Experiment (NASA)
ACHAABI Cloud Height Algorithm
ACMABI Cloud Mask
ACPABI Cloud Products
ACSPOAdvanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (NOAA/NESDIS/STAR system)
ACTActivation and Characterization Test
ADDEAbstract Data Distribution Environment (McIDAS data server)
ADEBAlgorithm Development Executive Board
ADTAdvanced Dvorak Technique (Hurricane intensity)
AEÅngström exponent
AERONETAerosol Robotic Network
AIRSAtmospheric Infrared Sounder
AMSR-EAdvanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on Aqua
AMSUAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit
AODAerosol Optical Depth
ARMAtmospheric Radiation Measurement (Southern Great Plains)
ASPAttitude Sensor Package
ASTERAdvanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer (EOS)
ATBDAlgorithm Theoretical Basis Document
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AWGAlgorithm Working Group
AWiFSAdvanced Wide Field Sensor
AWIPSAdvanced Weather Interactive Processing System
BBSRNBaseline Surface Radiation Network
BTbrightness temperature
CCal/ValCalibration and Validation
CALIOPCloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarization
CALIPSOCloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation
CAPCooperative Agency Profilers
CAPEConvective Available Potential Energy (ACP stability index)
CARTCloud and Radiation Testbed
CAVECERES ARM Validation Experiment
CCRCenter for Climatic Research (IES)
CCRCloud Cleared Radiances
CDRLContract Data Requirements List
CEOSCommittee of Earth Observation Satellites
CERESClouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System
CLASSComprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System
CloudSatCloud Satellite
CMDLClimate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory (NOAA)
CMICloud and Moisture Imagery
CMIPCloud and Moisture Imagery Product
CO2carbon dioxide
CONOPSConcept of Operations
CONUSContiguous United States
CORLConsolidated Observational Requirement List
CrISCrosstrack Infrared Sounder
CRNClimate Reference Network
CRTMCommunity Radiative Transfer Model
CWGCalibration Working Group
DDCOMPDaytime Cloud Optical and Microphysical Properties
DLRDeutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany)
DMWDerived Motion Winds
DMWADerived Motion Winds Algorithm
DOCDepartment of Commerce
DoDDepartment of Defense (USA)
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOIDigital Object Identifier
DOSTData Operations Support Team
DPRDual-frequency Precipitation Radar
DQFData Quality Flag
DSRDownward Shortwave Radiation: Surface
EEMEnterprise Management
ENTLNEarth Networks Total Lightning Network
EOSEarth Observing System
ESPDSEnvironmental Satellite Processing and Distribution System
ESRLEarth Systems Resource Laboratory (NOAA)
EUMETSATEUropean Organisation for the Exploitation of METeorological SATellites
EXISExtreme Ultraviolet (EUVS) and X-ray Irradiance Sensor (XRS)
FF&PSFunctional and Performance Specification
FARfalse alarm ratio
FDFull disk (hemisphere)
FOSFamily of Services (National Weather Service)
FRPfire radiative power
FSCFractional Snow Cover
FSCAFractional Snow Cover Algorithm
FTPfile transfer protocol
FYFiscal Year
FY-2China's National Satellite Meteorological Center Fengyun 2 satellite
GGASGOES-R Access Subsystem
GEO-CAPEGeostationary Coastal Air Pollution Events
GERBGeostationary Earth Radiation Budget (instrument on MSG)
GFSGlobal Forecast System (National Centers for Environmental Prediction, NCEP)
GLD360Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset
GLMGeostationary Lightning Mapper
GMDGlobal Monitoring Division, Earth System Research Lab (ESRL), NOAA
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOES-RGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R series
GOESRSCAGGOES-R Snow Cover and Grain Size
GOSATJapanese "IBUKI", Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite
GPMGlobal Precipitation Measurement
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPS-MetGPS meteorology
GRBGOES Rebroadcast
GSGround Segment
GSDGlobal Systems Division (ESRL)
GSPGround Segment Project
GTSGlobal Telecommunication System (of WMO)
HHAMMAHuntsville Alabama Marx Meter Array
HIEHurricane Intensity Estimate
HMSHazard Mapping System (NOAA/NESDIS)
HSSHeidke Skill Score
HyMeXHydrological cycle in Mediterranean Experiment
HysPIRIHyperspectral Infrared Imager 
IIASIInfrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
ICDInterface Control Document
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IFREMERInstitut Français de REcherche pour l'exploitation de la MER (French Oceanic Institute, Brest)
IMPROVEInteragency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environment
INRImage Navigation and Registration
IRDInterface Requirements Document
IRSSTinfrared sea surface temperature
IWPice water path
JJAXAJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JPSSJoint Polar Satellite System
JTWCJoint Typhoon Warning Center
KKIK Index (ACP stability index)
KPPKey Performance Parameter
KSCKennedy Space Center
LL0Level 0
L2Level 2
LAPGOES-R Legacy Atmospheric
LCFALightning Cluster Filter Algorithm
LDARLightning Detection And Ranging
LDCMLandsat Data Continuity Mission
LILifted Index (ACP stability index)
LIDARLIght Detection And Ranging
LIRDLevel 1 Requirements Document
LISLightning Imaging Sensor
LMALightning Mapping Array
LORLaunch and Orbit Raising
LSTLand Surface Temperature (Land SAF product)
LWPliquid water path
MMAPMission Assurance Plan
MARMission Assurance Requirements
McIDASMan-computer Interactive Data Access System
MCPManagement Control Plan
MCPMeteorological Communications Package
MERISMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MImicrowave imagery
MISMicrowave Imager/Sounder (onboard the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System- NPOESS)
MISRMulti-angle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer (EOS)
MODISMODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (EOS)
MOSTMission Operations Support Team
MPLNETMicro-Pulse Lidar Network (NASA)
MRDMission Requirements Document
MSGMeteosat Second Generation
MTGMeteoSat Third Generation
MWSSTmicrowave sea surface temperature
NNASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAST-INPOESS Airborne Sounder Testbed - Interferometer
NCDCNational Climatic Data Center (NESDIS)
NCEPNational Center for Environmental Prediction (NWS)
NCOMPNighttime Cloud Optical and Microphysical Properties
NDVINormalised Differential Vegetation Index (Land SAF product)
NESDISNational Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
netCDFNetwork Common Data Form
NetCDF4Network Common Data Form Version 4
NEXRADNEXt generation RADar
NHCNational Hurricane Center (NOAA/NWS)
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NLDNNational Lightning Detection Network
NLDN/LMANational Lightning Detection Network/ Local Area Network
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOHRSCNational Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOAA/NWS)
NOSANOAA Observing System Architecture
NOTNon-operational Temperatures
NPPNPOESS Preparatory Project
NRCSNatural Resources Conservation Service
NSOFNOAA Satellite Operations Facility
NSSTCNational Space Science and Technology Center
NWPnumerical weather prediction
NWSNational Weather Service
NYNew York
ODYSSEAOcean Data Analysis System for Mersea
OIOptimum Interpolation
OISSTOptimal Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature
OMIOzone Monitoring Instrument
OMPSOzone Mapping and Profiler Suite
OSPOOffice of Satellite and Product Operations (NOAA/NESDIS)
OSTIAOperational Sea surface Temperature and Ice Analysis
PPDAProduct Distribution and Access
PGProduct Generation (Ground Segment Element)
PIRATAPrediction and Research Moored Array in the Atlantic
PLPTPost-Launch Product Test
PLTPost-Launch Test
PODprobability of detection
POESPolar Operational Environmental Satellites
PORDPerformance and Operational Requirements Document
PRADPayload Resource Allocation Document
PSEProgram System Engineering
QQAquality assurance
QCquality control
QPEQuantitative Precipitation Estimate
RRBradiation budget
RBUremote backup
REALMRegional East Atmospheric Lidar Mesonet
RFradio frequency
RGBred green blue
RMSroot mean square
RMSEroot mean square error
RSRReflected Shortwave Radiation: Top of Atmosphere
RTGReal-Time Global Sea Surface Temperature
RTMRadiative Transfer Model
SSABSatellite Applications Branch (old. NESDIS)
SARBSurface and Atmosphere Radiation Budget
SDsensor data
SEISSSpace Environment In situ Suite
SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible InfraRed Imager
SGPSouthern Great Plains
SIInternational System of Units (Systeme Internationale)
SIShowwalter Index (ACP stability index)
SNODASSnow Data Assimilation System (NOHRSC)
SNOTELSnow Telemetry network (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
SPoRTShort-term Prediction Research and Transition Center (NASA)
SPOTSystem Performance and Operations Test
SSTSea Surface Temperature
STARCenter for Satellite Applications and Research
STORMnetNSSTC Severe Thunderstorm NSSTC Severe Thunderstorm Observations and Research Meteorological network
SURFRADSurface Radiation program
SUVISolar Ultraviolet Imager
TTAFBTropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (NOAA/NHC)
TARANISTool for the Analysis of RAdiation from lightNIng and Sprites (CNES France??)
TCTropical Cyclone
TCFCTropical Cyclone Forecast Center
TETTechnologie-Erprobungs-Träger (satellite)
TIRthermal infrared radiation
TMITropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Microwave Imager
TOATop Of the Atmosphere
T-PARCTHORPEX Pacific Asian Regional Campaign
TRMMTropical Rainfall Measurement Mission satellite
TRRTest Readiness Review
TTTotal Totals Index (ACP stability index)
UUAVunmanned aerial vehicle
USFSUS Forest Service
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
VFMvertical feature mask
VHFVery High Frequency
VIIRSVisible/Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite
VISSRVisible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer
VLFVery Low Frequency
WWCDASWallops Command and Data Acquisition Station
WCRPWorld Climate Research Programme
WRAPWildfire Research and Applications Partnership (Rochester, NY)
WVSS-IIWater Vapor Sensing System II
WWLLNWorld-Wide Lightning Location Network