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How to Download MiRS

Downloading the MiRS code is password-protected. To access this content, you need to submit an user arrangement form, (PDF, 130 KB) to When your access request has been received and accepted by STAR, you will receive a username and password to access the download pages. Submitting this request will also put you on a low-volume e-mail list to receive updates about MIRS, bugs, improvements, new releases, etc.

Materials available for download include:

  • The Delivery Algorithm Package (DAP) containing the source code, makefiles, scripts, sample data, benchmark files, static files, etc. For a more detailed list of the content of the DAP, please refer to the documentation, which is also downloadable.
  • Documentation necessary to run MIRS properly: These include the User's manual, the Interface Control Document (ICD), the System Description Document (SDD), etc.
  • For access to MiRS output retrieval product files for NPP / ATMS, contact Chris Grassotti.

Please click on the left panel options to choose which item to download.