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STAR Cal/Val Coordination for JPSS-1 Test Data Sets

  • JPSS STAR Science teams coordinated with the Test Data Working Group (TDWG) team and requested for JPSS-1 RDRs identifying requirements, desired data sets and needed ancillary data to verify S-NPP algorithms work with JPSS-1 RDRs. TDWG team generated JPSS-1 RDRs as needed by STAR-SDR teams and these data sets are available on the GRAVITE test data portal.
  • The STAR JPSS team is setting up a test data repository in one of the STAR servers to facilitate easy access for all the STAR Cal/Val teams. The test data repository currently has a copy of all the JPSS-1 test data sets created by the TDWG specifically for the Cal/Val science teams.
  • The team hopes this arrangement will help for easy access to many test data sets over the time, and also facilitate those who do not have access to GRAVITE/test data portal. The repository will be linked on the STAR JPSS website.
  • JPSS-1 Test Data Details, (PDF, 107 KB)
  • Contact Murty Divakarla or Xingpin Liu