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Surface Reflectance

Team Lead: Yunyue (Bob) Yu

Product Description

The product is an estimate of the surface spectral reflectance for each band as it would have been measured at ground level as if there were no atmospheric scattering or absorption. It corrects for the effects of atmospheric gases, aerosols, and thin cirrus clouds.

Product History

  • The VIIRS SR product is directly heritage from collection 5 MODIS and that it has been validated to stage 1 (Land PEATE adjusted version)
  • MODIS algorithm refinements from Collection 6 will be integrated into the VIIRS algorithm
  • The Surface Reflectance algorithm that was in the IDPS is being transitioned to NDE with updates:
    • Bypass SDR quality flag - good quality SR IP retrieved
    • Remove the ephemeral water flag check in AOT IP - good quality SR IP retrieved
    • While using the AOT over land skip the dust model
    • Retrieve SR over all conditions (water and clouds)
    • Using better "ratios" (ratio map) to retrieve AOT over land

Preliminary version of Enterprise VIIRS Surface Reflectance:

Enterprise VIIRS Surface Reflectance


Downstream products are the users of the surface reflectance product: Vegetation Index, Green Vegetation Fraction, Surface Type, Land Surface Albedo