About Our Training Program

The STAR Aerosols and Atmospheric Composition Science Team conducts training courses on aerosol, fire, and trace gas satellite products from ABI, VIIRS, and TROPOMI.

The objectives of the training program are to increase access to the satellite products and promote their proper use in air quality applications in operations & research.

Using Python, training participants learn to work with satellite data from start to finish for a recent smoke, blowing dust, or urban pollution event.

Current topics include:

  • Download satellite data files from online archives
  • Open satellite data files (netCDF format), read metadata, and understand data variables
  • Process and visualize satellite data

This website contains the resources developed for the training program:

  • Training course agendas (Training Courses section)
  • Instructions on how to download/install & set up Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, and Panoply (Software Instructions section)
  • Detailed annotation of the Python functions and scripts used in our courses (Python Tutorials section)
  • All the information users need to work with satellite data and the atmospheric composition products (Satellite Data section)
  • Definitions of satellites, sensors, products, and terminology (Glossary)
  • Resources for satellite remote sensing and Python programming (References Links section)