Download & Install Anaconda

Anaconda is an open source software programming platform. It is free for individual users. Anaconda comes bundled with the latest stable version of Python and the most widely used packages.

If you are new to Python, follow the instructions below to download and install Anaconda Individual Edition on your computer.

If you are NOT the Administrator of your computer – for example, if you are a government employee using a government-furnished laptop – then you will need to contact your IT department to complete the steps below.

1. Find the Anaconda Installer for your Operating System

Open the home page for the Anaconda Installation. You may wish to review the system requirements (listed at the top of the page) before proceeding.

Under the list of system requirements, you will see a bulleted list of links. Click on the appropriate link for your computer's operating system. For convenience, the links to the most common operating systems are provided below.

2. Install Anaconda

Follow the detailed instructions on the "Installing for (your operating system)" page to download and then launch the Anaconda installer, which will install Anaconda on your computer.

If you have any problems with the installation, consult the list of Troubleshooting issues.