Install the nb_conda_kernels Package

The nb_conda_kernels package enables Jupyter Notebook to access kernels for Python in other environments. This package will allow us to activate the "satellite_aerosol" environment, or any environment you create, in Jupyter Notebook.

The nb_conda_kernels package must be installed in the "base" environment (the version of Python and the hundreds of most commonly used packages that are installed with Anaconda). Normally, we do not recommend installing packages into the "base" environment. However, this is an exception. The nb_conda_kernels package is small and should not conflict with any other packages in the "base" environment.

If you are NOT the Administrator of your computer – for example, if you are a government employee using a government-furnished laptop – then you will need to contact your IT department to complete the steps below.

1. Open the Anaconda Powershell Prompt (Windows) or terminal (MacOS/Linux)

Windows: go to Start menuAnaconda3Anaconda Powershell Prompt

MacOS: open the Terminal

Linux: open a terminal

2. Install the package

Type the following command (or copy and paste) into the terminal/prompt and press Enter:

conda install -c conda-forge nb_conda_kernels

The package will prepare to be installed, which may take a few minutes. You will be asked whether you want to proceed:

Proceed ([y]/[n])?

Type the letter "y" and press Enter, and the package will begin installing; the installation process may take a few minutes.

After the package is finished installing, you may exit the terminal/prompt.