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STAR - Global Vegetation Health Products :

Research on Vegetation: using Hydro-Estimatordata -- Browse Archived Weekly Images

(available images: since 01/01/2008)

Rainfall: Hydro-Estimator (H-E)

Hydro-Estimator (H-E) is NOAA NESDIS STAR Satellite Rainfall Estimates product.

The H-E is based on brightness temperature measurements in the IR window (~11 um) observed by the five geostationary satellites (GOES-11 and -12 over the Western Hemisphere, METEOSAT-9 over Europe and Africa, METEOSAT-7 over central Asia and the Indian Ocean, and Multi-Functional Transport Satellite (MTSAT)-1 over eastern Asia, Australia, and the Western Pacific Ocean). (Scofield and Kuligowski 2003)

Global H-E data was in resolutiuon of 0.04438 degree and available hourly since 2008. We aggregated hourly H-E data to weekly accumulative precipitation.