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STAR - Global Vegetation Health Products :

Downloading Vegetation Health Products Data

Vegetation Health related data (below) are available online through an anonymous FTP servers.

(Please click here for setting up a procedure to routinely automatically downloading data.)

AVHRR Vegetation Health Product (AVHRR-VHP)

AVHRR-VHP is a re-processed Vegetation Health data set derived from AVHRR GAC data. It was processed by the newly developed operational VHP system. The new VHP system was improved from GVI-x VH system and some changes/improvement were made to meet the requirement of operation and improve data quality. It can process GAC data from NOAA-19, as well as FRAC data from METOP A and METOP-B. In the future, it will produce vegetation health products from VIIRS on NPP satellite. VHP system is operationaly running at NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations(OSPO) and providing official VHP products. This web site provides recent VH data as a backup/alternative data source. VHP product posted on this VH web site should be consistent to that released by OSPO. We planed to replace GVI-x by AVHRR-VHP dataset.

AVHRR VHP products were saved in 3 NetCDF

: ND file (* or *.ND.hdf): contains raw NDVI and BT
SM file (* or *.SM.hdf): contains noise removed NDVI and BT
VH file (* or *.VH.hdf): contains VCI,TCI,VHI:
-- Vegetation Condition Index (VCI),
-- Temperature Condition Index(TCI),
-- Vegetation Health Index (VHI)

Starting form week 18, 2013, the following 4km AVHRR-VHP data are posted on this FTP site: