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2021 Presentations

Date Presenter / Affiliation Title / Topic
1/6/2021 Kyle Turner, University of Rhode Island Remote sensing of phytoplankton size classes on the northeast U.S. continental shelf, (PDF, 86.05 MB)
2/10/2021 Damian Brady and Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine High resolution remotely-sensed water-quality products in service of the aquaculture industry in Maine, (MP4, 446.47 MB)
3/25/2021 Cecile Rousseaux, NASA Modeling global ocean biogeochemistry in support of field and satellite missions, (PDF, 4.85 MB)
4/28/2021 Eurico D'Sa, Louisiana State University; Ishan Joshi, Scripps Institute of Oceanography; Bingqing Liu, LSU and The Water Institute of the Gulf Adaptive ocean color algorithms for the estuarine-ocean continuum and assessment of optical-biogeochemical response to extreme events in nGoM, (PDF, 3.03 MB)
5/5/2021 Joaquin Trinanes, Operations Manager, NOAA/AOML Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico CoastWatch, Atlantic Ocean CoastWatch - Satellite Tracking of Sargassum in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, (PDF, 7.81 MB)
6/2/2021 Xiao Liu, IMSG@ NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC Integrating Ocean Color in NOAA/NCEP’s Next-generation Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (NG-GODAS), (PDF, 4.1 MB)
7/14/2021 Raisha Lovindeer, IOCCG Spectral characteristics & cyanobacteria abundance in the Indian River Lagoon, (PDF, 6.59 MB)
8/25/2021 Xiaoming Liu, STAR/CIRA Deriving VIIRS High-spatial Resolution Ocean Color Data Over Coastal and Inland Waters Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network, (PDF, 5.18 MB)
9/8/2021 ZhongPing Lee, University of Massachusetts - Boston Sensing global primary production: Why Chl estimated empirically from ocean color is not a good input parameter, (PDF, 2.55 MB)
10/6/2021 Chuanmin Hu, University of South Florida Remote detection of marine debris using vis-NIR satellite observations: challenges and potentials, (PDF, 15.36 MB)

2020 Presentations

Date Presenter / Affiliation Title / Topic
2/12/2020 Emily Smail, GEO Blue Planet Executive Director, University of Maryland CISESS and NOAA SOCD Using Ocean Color to Report on Sustainable Development Goal 14, (PDF, 5.32 MB)
03/11/2020 Sara Rivero-Calle, University of North Carolina - Wilmington SeaHawk-1: The First Dedicated Ocean Color CubeSat Mission, (PDF, 135.58 MB)
04/08/2020 Alexandre Castagna Mourao e Lima, Ghent University, Department of Biology Spectral enhancement of multispectral sensors with contra-bands: theory and retrieval of Landsat 8 orange contra-band, (PPTX, 30.37 MB)
06/03/2020 Xiaoming Liu, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR/SCOD Filling the Gaps of Missing Data in Global Ocean Color Product Using the DINEOF Method, (PPTX, 68.95 MB)
07/01/2020 Erin Urquhart and Joel Scott/NASA NASA PACE Mission Application Program-Leveraging Science to Advance Society, (PDF, 119.23 MB)
8/12/2020 Alex Chekalyuk, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University Advanced Laser Fluorometry (ALF) for Characterization of Natural Aquatic Environments, (PDF, 8.45 MB)
09/09/2020 Sachi MIshra, NOAA/NCCOS Cyanobacteria Bloom Assessment in Lakes of the Contiguous United States using Satellite Observations, (PDF, 6.56 MB)
10/7/2020 Michael Ford, NMFS, Marine Ecosystem Division, Office of Science and Technology, Silver Springs Ocean Color Value Assessment
11/04/2020 Jianwei Wei, Global Science & Technology, Inc. and NOAA/NESDIS/STAR/SOCD Mapping the water depths from polar-orbiting ocean color satellites: leveraging temporal variation in image data, (PDF, 10.07 MB)
12/2/2020 Keith VanGraafieland, esri Using Esri tools to help countries report on UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.1 indicators, (PDF, 2.66 MB)
12/2/2020 Keith VanGraafieland, esri Recording for: "Using Esri tools to help countries report on UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.1 indicators", (MP4, 209.43 MB)

2019 Presentations

Date Presenter / Affiliation Title / Topic
2/27/2019 Chuanmin Hu/University of South Florida College of Marine Science On the data quality and quantity of VIIRS/SNPP ocean color data products: from research to applications., (PDF, 6.31 MB)
3/13/2019 Shekeela Baker-Yeboah/University of Maryland ESSIC Physical and Biological Implications of Eddy Signatures, (PDF, 4.14 MB)
4/24/2019 Michael Ondrusek Eric Stengel, and Charles Kovach/ NOAA Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division Satellite Ocean Color Validation Activities at STAR, (PDF, 7.11 MB)
5/8/2019 Nima Pahlevan/NASA Various Aspects of NASA Goddard Research of Optical Remote Sensing of Inland & Nearshore Waters
6/5/2019 Matt Oliver/University of Delaware Using real-time satellite ocean color and robotics to test ecological hypotheses that lead to conservation plans., (PDF, 4.37 MB)
7/31/2019 Yusuke Kuwayama/Resources for the Future The Consortium for the Valuation of Applications Benefits Linked with Earth Science (VALUABLES), (PDF, 1.9 MB)
8/14/2019 William Hernandez/Environmental Mapping Consultants Ocean Color Products for Water Quality and User Interactions for Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and West Maui, (PDF, 5.27 MB)
9/11/2019 Marie Smith/Natural Resources and Environment Unit, CSIR, CapeTown South Africa Southern African Initiatives Empowering Marine-related Decion-Making with Earth Observation, (PDF, 9.99 MB)
10/9/2019 Joaquim Goes/Lamonth-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University Decision and Information System for the Coastal waters of Oman (DISCO) An integrative tool for managing coastal resources under changing climate
12/4/2019 Michael Jacox, NOAA Southwest FIsheries Science Center Assimilating Satellite Data into Regional Ocean Models to Support US West Coast Fishery Management, (PDF, 20.94 MB)

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